At Loveless Accountants we offer a full range of services. Our staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

At Loveless Accountants we can provide Limited Company Accounts from as little as £50 per month (plus VAT). This is a comprehensive service that includes financial statements that are fully compliant with accounts policies for small entities, and will incorporate a Profit and Loss balance sheet report as standard. We will ensure that your accounts are fully in-line with FRS102 (section 1a) and FRS105 – Financial Reporting Standards for companies that are considered to be small or micro-entities.

As experts in our field you can be confident in the level of service on offer from Loveless Accountants. Expertise with small businesses ensures that Partnership accounts are completed efficiently with Financial Statements to include a Profit and Loss balance sheet report from as little as £40 per month (plus VAT).  This service can also encompass the Capital Allowance Claim which is the calculated taxable profits including all relevant claims for tax deductible asset purchases.

When you are hard-working sole trader you have a busy business to run, so why not hand over the business of accounting to our team at Loveless Accountants, who can provide comprehensive services from as little as only £25 per month (plus VAT). This fee will include financial statements with a Profit and Loss Balance Sheet report. We accurately assess your capital allowance claim to calculate taxable profits inclusive of any tax deductible capital purchases.

In this almost paperless age we always need to be ready for what the digital age has to offer. With Cloud Accounting from just £10 per month (plus VAT), We can ensure instant enrolment to ‘Making Tax Digital’ and provide you with all the updates as this process develops. We also offer discounts on the Making Tax Digital software and will help you find the most appropriate for you – Sage One, Xero, and Quickbooks.

Self-assessment tax returns can be something that eats into your time, and you can still be left with the worry that they have been completed correctly. For just £10 per month (plus VAT) we can take the sting out of this yearly chore. At Loveless Accountants we ensure a thorough review of every area of taxable income, whether it is from rentals, dividends, capital gains or sole tradership/partnership profits. Accurate and timely self-assessment tax returns are naturally part of our excellent service.

If you are sole trader, partnership or limited company that has registered for VAT, or if you are crossing the threshold, We can help you with accurate VAT keeping records and assess your VAT liability. Whether it is reclaiming VAT or calculating VAT returns ready for submission to the HMRC, Loveless accountants can quickly review and precisely calculate VAT figures within your company from as little as £15 per month (plus VAT!).

Starting from only £10 per month (plus vat) we can provide services that encompass the complete payroll process whatever the size of ‘small’ company you operate in.  Calculation of wages and issuing of payslips in a timely fashion to ensure that not only are you satisfied, but your employees can open their hard-earned wage slips before they get paid – we are all know how satisfying that is, even when you know what is inside!

Since the Pensions Act was first introduced in 2008 Loveless Accountants have been providing knowledge and expertise to even the smallest of employers to ensure that companies fulfil the law and employees can reap the long-term benefits. Even employment of one person makes this law statutory. Our auto-enrolment service is from £25 per month (plus VAT); we can ensure that relevant personnel within your company are enrolled on the scheme and that you meet the law with regard to your contribution towards it.

The Construction Industry Scheme provides a way for an advance payment to be made on tax and National Insurance by subcontractors within this important industry. This scheme allows contractors to deduct money from a subcontractor and pass it directly to the HMRC. Every contractor in this industry must register and it is financially beneficial for subcontractors to register too.

So you are starting a business, you’ve thought up an amazing name, but you want to keep everything legally separate from your personal accounts, how do you go about it? One of the first actions you need to take is to register the name of your private limited company with Companies House. If the name is available, we can purchase it and register with Companies House and the HMRC for just £125 plus VAT.

Other Services

Experience clearly counts and our accounting expertise, particularly in the realm of smaller businesses makes us a great partner who will ensure you are covered legally and are providing accurate accounts and documentation, not just for yourself but your employees too. We are more than happy to help you with our wealth of knowledge in the following areas: management accounts, tax planning, business structuring, Capital Gains Tax calculations, rental property statements, cloud software training (Sage One, QuickBooks, Xero), training in bookkeeping and accountant references. Please enquire about individual prices for our wide variety of services on offer. With 25 years of experience running a successful small business we live out and practice the services we offer. Choose Loveless.