Freelancing - Become your own boss

Freelancing – Become your own boss

Morning alarm, long commute, long hours, minimum wage; things you hate? Try Freelancing…

In this article we discuss the benefits of becoming self-employed and what we can do to encourage success with becoming your own boss.

What is Freelancing?

Working on a contract basis for a variety of different companies, as opposed to working as an employee for a single company, is known as Freelancing. Freelancers are often known as self-employed, and have the freedom to pick and choose their projects and companies they would like to work with. A well known freelancing profession is photography; a photographer has the ability to work for and submit work to various different companies.


Could Freelancing be for you?

Freelancing offers a wide range of benefits that you just won’t get with a regular job. Since you’ll be in control with the type of work you do, who you work with, how much work you want to do and where you’ll be working, you’ll be able to make choices that benefit your health, mental state and general well being.


What we do to get you started:


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We’re also partnered with a marketing specialist, on hand to help you advertise and reach your new clients.

Some of the services available include:

  • Company Logo Design
  • Letter Heads
  • Invoice Design
  • Web Design & Management
  • Social Media Set-Up and Enhancement Tips
  • Leaflets
  • Business Cards
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Clothing Design and Supply